Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nikita - The wonder girl (Part 2)

I called her the other day when I needed some information on BoB. She still has the same melodic voice and I felt instantly guilty of how irritated I often sound on the phone. Anyway, I quickly started telling her who I am as I thought she would have forgotten me but no she hadn't. She vividly remembered everything about our interaction way back when I was in Mumbai. It was only I who had kept the memory of her at the back of my mind. She was disappointed with me and of course she has all the right to be, I hadn't called her since the time I came back from Mumbai neither did I share my number. I apologized earnestly and asked what she has been upto all this while. She told me shyly that she got married in June. Now, my mind started racing in all directions - whom she got married to, how is she coping up with, where does she live and what not. But before even I could begin to ask her, the ever ebullient girl she is, she started telling me about her fairy tale. Girl met boy in office, same project, same aspirations, blossoming of love and culmination in marriage. I mean I was zapped, I could not begin to tell her how this new beginning in her life has touched me. Its so simple, clear like crystal. This girl who cannot see the world, touched someone's heart in her own sweet way and got betrothed for life :)


satya said...

Awaiting m\next write up on Nikita

Neha Dua said...

Uncle the other post on Nikita is an older one..