Thursday, October 6, 2011

Festivity it is!

Its that time of the year again, when the mood is festive, shopping places are brimming with new stock and the temperature is coming down notch by notch. I was itching to go out and be part of every celebration - the dandiya, Durga Pooja and Dusshhera. Sadly, the super enthusiastic dancer in me had no partner for Dandiya and so I had to skip that. But, I am so glad I could manage to go to Pooja pandals as well as Dusshhera.

It was after many years that I revisited the Durga Pooja pandal and it was nothing less than magnificent. I visited 2 pandals and the enormity of idols in both of these took my breath away. The place was reverberating with the drum beats and the air evoked the fragrance of the holy smoke. I loved just standing there, being able to absorb all what was happening around. Quite late in the night, I could still visualize the scene at the pandal, I could still feel my heart pulsating. With the backdrop of such electrifying experience, I resolved today to go for the Dusshhera. We were at Lajpat Nagar market, I was helping mommy select bed covers, cushion covers, table covers and what not. Its only at 7 that I insisted we had to go and find the Raavan. To my delight we found not just 1, but at least 8 of them, in a vicinity of 500 meters. We sat in a park in front of 4 of them and waited for God Ram's arrival. The block which had arranged for 4 Ravans had done elaborate arrangements, so in that park were not just chairs, but all kind of savoury stalls, a stage in the front that had dancers in the form of Gods - Shiva, Sai Bada, Kaali maa and adjoining to the park were the heavy duty fireworks which added to the spirit of the program. Finally the God, appeared and with his bow - arrow aimed at one of the Raavans. In a matter of few moments, it was all up in the air, the big thermocol idol reduced to ashes thus declaring the victory of good over evil.

It is on such days that I feel with greater vigour that what a marvellous thing is it to be born an Indian. We are such amazingly crazy for festivals people. It is on these festivals that we bond again, leaving behind whatever little there is to nag about.

P.S - I suddenly remember an overused sentence from my school days essays. "India is a country whose strength lies in unity in diversity :)"


Ankit said...

Super like...can identify with the last para the most..btw me too went to one grande Durga Puja pandal this time :)

Neha Dua said...

@ Ankit - Thanks! I know your craziness for festivals :)