Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stupid stupid me!

Well you must know dear blog that I can be really eccentric. I mean if something gets into my head, its almost impossible to take it out till the time I have found a solution to it. Like the other day, SA asked me that with "I" when is "was" used and when is "were used, I was flummoxed to realize that I didn't know. I spent an hour that night on google search about grammar rules and all that but in vain. Finally, I stumbled on a blog which explained the was/were concept in great detail. In some ways, it was abstruse but I figured it out and slept in peace. Just out of curosity, I asked daddy cool the next morning about it, he answered in a second and in the simplest of the words. He said "beta, when its wishful thinking "were" is used and when facts are stated "was" is used. He then gave me an example - "if I were a bird" and "I was in London last week". Its amazing that how google age has not made me a tad bit smarter. Thank you, daddy cool, you are and will always be the most intelligent man I know.

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