Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food and the like!

Today, mommy took me to the nearby temple and asked to distribute black chanas to the kids who play in the vicinity. I saw about 5 – 6 of them happily running around, I gestured to them that I wanted to give something. In flash of a second, there were more than 20 who gathered around me, begging as if this was all they had waited for their entire lives. Such pleading, such hunger for something as small as black chanas was beyond me. I don’t remember last time when I devoured any food item the way those kids devoured their little snack. It isn’t the first time when I have seen kids snatching away whatever little I have to offer, but today I felt pity for them and for myself though for entirely different reasons. I have it but don’t want it; they don’t have it but crave for it.

Life would have been a beautiful dream, only if I could value, all what I have.

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