Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food and the like!

Today, mommy took me to the nearby temple and asked to distribute black chanas to the kids who play in the vicinity. I saw about 5 – 6 of them happily running around, I gestured to them that I wanted to give something. In flash of a second, there were more than 20 who gathered around me, begging as if this was all they had waited for their entire lives. Such pleading, such hunger for something as small as black chanas was beyond me. I don’t remember last time when I devoured any food item the way those kids devoured their little snack. It isn’t the first time when I have seen kids snatching away whatever little I have to offer, but today I felt pity for them and for myself though for entirely different reasons. I have it but don’t want it; they don’t have it but crave for it.

Life would have been a beautiful dream, only if I could value, all what I have.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stupid stupid me!

Well you must know dear blog that I can be really eccentric. I mean if something gets into my head, its almost impossible to take it out till the time I have found a solution to it. Like the other day, SA asked me that with "I" when is "was" used and when is "were used, I was flummoxed to realize that I didn't know. I spent an hour that night on google search about grammar rules and all that but in vain. Finally, I stumbled on a blog which explained the was/were concept in great detail. In some ways, it was abstruse but I figured it out and slept in peace. Just out of curosity, I asked daddy cool the next morning about it, he answered in a second and in the simplest of the words. He said "beta, when its wishful thinking "were" is used and when facts are stated "was" is used. He then gave me an example - "if I were a bird" and "I was in London last week". Its amazing that how google age has not made me a tad bit smarter. Thank you, daddy cool, you are and will always be the most intelligent man I know.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jaipur and more

I went to Jaipur last week and the experience was particularly refreshing. I tagged along with a senior colleague in his car and to our surprise the drive turned out to be a smooth and pleasant one. There was cool breeze, traffic free highway, countryside view and some great music. We reached in four hours flat and prepared for the work next day. I will skip the part about work but what I want to mention is that 22 people (fast trackers) together were on a journey to discovering themselves. We (the senior colleague and me) were facilitating the process and were quite liking it. First time in my life, I had the opportunity to give feedback to others on their personality traits, work place behaviour and so on. I remember how fascinating it used to be when in OB sessions, I got to know things about myself and so I secretly hoped that the group also finds the discovery fascinating and enlightening.

The resort where we stayed was a quiet and lovely place. It had a huge lawn, a swimming pool, monkeys, trees and in general an environment which is conducive to peaceful thoughts. The 4 day program went on smoothly and finally it was time to come back. For the return journey, I decided to take volvo with the group. We started at 4 and since, I had had a heavy sumptuous lunch, I dozed off without wasting any time. When I woke, the sun was beginning to fade and just then one person suggested that we play dumb charades. The group seemed reluctant and so was I. Just imagine a group of people with an average age of 32 who have met only 4 days back playing dumb charades! Anyway, we started and then there was no looking back. Everyone got so engaged in the game for the next 4 hours that one person almost missed boarding off at Gurgaon! Fact of the matter is that some things in life don't change and one of those being able to play dumb charades, wherever - whenever :)

The post ends here and what I am going to write now, has no relevance to anything written above but please read this because I am itching to tell - Men can be so obnoxious, today while I was walking on a road full of traffic and people, a person barely a step ahead of me took the smallest step towards the side of the road and relieved himself. DISGUSTING is the word, I mean, have men ever thought that how girls manage and don't they have an iota of shame whatsoever.