Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I was sulking big time today and SA & I were mostly talking about how time is a healer and stuff like that when we started discussing about the first crushes we have had in school. I never thought it could be such a refreshing topic; we spoke enthusiastically about the first guys we liked as young girls. We shared our little stories and in a few minutes I forgot all about my bad day.

I think I was 13 or 14; and there was this cute guy (lets call him A) who suddenly showered me with more attention than what a 14 year old girl can manage. Initially I was scared and uncomfortable with the fact that he liked me. He was really vocal about his feelings (I think we understood feelings then too) and that is what freaked me out. But, I remember vividly going red with blush when A dropped a love note in my desk. His handwriting was pathetic to say the least and I couldnt make any sense of what he had written but I read and re read whatever little I could read. It sounds incredibly funny but I have to confess that I also secretly sang and smiled to myself after that

If school was not enough, then there were evenings too. Occassionally, I crossed the park where he played cricket and without exaggeration I will say that my heart beat raced at a speed unthinkable. I would only steal one glimpse of him and he by some magic would hit a six. In that precise moment all eyes would be at me (or at least I believed). I would then fluster and rush away from the spot only to find myself thinking about it hours later.

We have studied together since the time we were in first standard and thus have attended quite a number of birthday parties. But during that year, his Birthday party was some event in my life. I dressed nicely and picked up a gift which I fail to remember. The interesting part is when I reached, it was as if he was waiting only for me to begin the party and then the chit I picked up while playing a game read You have to dance with A. A was actually quite a charming dancer and I could have thought of myself as lucky but the shy me only smiled and danced with everyone.

How real that was at that time, how I felt that this will be it!

P.S – SA too shared something equally sweet and enticing, let me know if you too can recall your first crush J

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