Sunday, July 17, 2011

The evening was going as we had planned, pizza, the movie, giggles, nachos, muffin and then the instructions which SK usually gives me - drive slowly, roll up the windows, be careful and I hushed him by saying that its a 15 minute drive and I am sure I can manage that.

But alas, I couldn't. I was only 5 mins away from my home, singing away to glory and slowing down while taking a right turn. BOOM! I heard and my heart sank. I mustered the courage to look back only to find the shards of broken glass and a toppled over auto. It had hit me from back and for 30 seconds I couldn't fathom what just happened. In no time, I saw about 50 people that gathered. I rolled up the windows, my hands trembled as I picked up my cell to call dad. My shaky voice told him that all is not well, he told me to remain calm and that he will be there in a moment.

Just then, someone knocked at the car window, his eyes accused me of something I had not done. I wanted to put up a brave face but could only meekly ask "how is the person in the auto". It was the toughest, the scariest moment but thank God for he was fine and so was I. It was then that someone suggested that I should leave the spot. I rushed and came back home to hugs, kisses and reassurances..

Its all fine now but I feel so miserable for my little, adorable Merc :(


Ankit said...

KOi nai Merc repair ho jaegi, ismain kya hai

Neha Dua said...

Repair ho gayi :)