Thursday, June 16, 2011

A spring in the step, a smile on the face, a song on the lips, thats what happens when I see him in sight. We have been with each other for long now and with time; our relationship has morphed and taken a more meaningful form. It’s only with him, that I can be my true self. There has never been a need for pretense, for explanations and thus I feel not just at ease but at peace too.

Between us, I have been the spoilt one. Many a times, I have kept him awake till wee hours and then lain in his arms till late in the afternoon. Post waking up, I would take control over the TV remote, gorge on food, snatch the newspaper, look my ugliest unkempt self but he would never say a word. He would just be his same calm wonderful self. It’s so rare these days to find someone like that, someone so dear, someone so special.

Time flies with him and it’s only at night when I look at him wistfully, aware of the harsh truth that next day he will be gone and I will have to deal with it all by myself. Though I give him the credit of that one day, when he tries his best to rejuvenate what was lost when he was gone. In his absence, all I say is:

Ohh my dear Sunday, come fast
For your darling is waiting with open arms..


Muneetpal said...

Seeing the first sentence only i was sure it refers to someone "cool" ;)

ashima said...

Super note for Daddy Cool! :) Loved reading it! :)

Neha Dua said...

@Ashima - Sweetie, I think the post was crypted.. this one is for "Sunday"
@Muneet - I hope you too are not referring to daddy cool :)

Ankit said...

wah wah, nice, infact very fun in the end :)

Neha Dua said...

Thanks Ankit!