Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My dear blog, I am back after a month long hiatus and I have lots to tell. So I won't make any long stories and will try to keep as simple and short as possible. Not that, you can really sue me for writing long stories on blog but still the sweet considerate soul I am, I won't bore you today. Ohh this reminds me, AG my friend gets so frustrated with me because whenever I tell him something, I take like an hour, add all the small irrelevant details and keep procrastinating the end result, he usually scolds me and tells me sharply "Nehu, what happened finally, just tell that" but the mean streak in me doesn't let him get off the hook easily :) Ok ok I remember, no digressions today, so starting with major changes in life - my room and house got re painted, it looks all fresh, vibrant and happy. Though the work is still going on and I have taken a 90 degree rotation in my sleeping posture but I don't mind that!

Work has been hectic of late and I tried giving it all what I have, was diligent and generally didn't shy away from any of the responsibilities (mine or someone else's). So workwise I am content at the moment, thanks to the pay hike and the small little good words which the seniors and colleaugues at work bestowed on me. But I am missing MR (world's best boss) already who has left for US yesterday.

I am back to my aerobics class at the gym and it is wonderful to say the least, 25 of us jumping like monkeys, sweating it out and trying to catch and match all the steps! Oh by the way, I don't think I have mentioned, my best friend from college, VB is getting married and I am quite freaked out. In fact, in order to soothe my nerves, I have decided to dance on her Sangeet ceremony, it will be a solo affair and I am quite looking forward to it.

Yesterday, I was in one of those terrible moods of mine when the whole world seemed bad, when I felt like no one has ever cared for me and well as much as I am ashamed of admitting, I did cry without any reason or rhyme. Though now I am back to my smiley and giggly self, the credit goes entirely to H who did a whole lot to cheer me up.

Well, I have come to the last peice of information and sad as it may sound, it is true. Today, while driving back from the nearby market to my house, I got my car into this small gutter which was quite invisible in the dark, my car hit the wall adjoining the gutter and owing to my fantastic driving skills I couldn't get it out. I made quite a mockery of myself when 5 kids (1/4th my age) and a couple of young men, literally dragged my car out of that puddle. I shyly smiled and thanked everyone and sped away. As expected, my car got this huge dent at the back and I am quite upset with myself for inflicting this unnecessary pain on my car.

Ok, now no more updates which come to my mind, so off I go to sleep. Good night dear blog :)


ashima said...

AG hogging limelight :) too much :)
Loved reading it... :)

Neha Dua said...

AS.. you are always the star, let him take some mind oops internet space :)

Sandeep said...

Too many abbreviations gal..

But i got the essence..

It hurts when your car gets a dent :)

Ankit said...

AS is jealous :)
and ND u dont make fun of it