Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I sifted through my old stuff today, since my house is getting refurbished it was my mom who insisted that I should do cleaning of my drawers and see if there is something which can be thrown away. I started quite enthusiastically only to be left bewildered and nostalgic at the end.

It was weird to be looking at school badges, greeting cards, college books, black and white passport size pictures of my parents, dried up roses, friendship bands and letters sent through post. I didn’t know what to throw and what to keep. I went through this paraphernalia carefully; but it only evoked a vague memory.

My late grandfather came alive in the greeting cards which he had sent year after year without a day’s delay. It had all sorts of flowers and colors; I don’t think that the likes of Archies make such cards today and I don’t feel, there are ever going to be any wishes as pure. My parents in the bloom of their youth, looked quite handsome and raring to go, two love birds betrothed for life. Their countenance may have changed a bit with time but the love hasn’t, it only has deepened.

The friendship bands were many in number and tell a story which is quite ironic, I can’t recollect who gave me which one, though I remember vividly that it was a matter of pride in school to don these bands and flaunt their ever increasing number. The earned school badges seemed like a world conquered, how can they now look like a trifle little piece of metal. I read each letter word by word making meaning of the innocent things once written.

I told my mom, after the two hour odyssey back in time, that I have cleaned everything, dusted the drawers and kept back each memory in the place it belonged to.


ashima said...

Lovely! :-)

Neha Dua said...

Thank you Ashima Suri :)

Ankit said...

Very nice.. among other things, i have this huge collection of certificates earned in school time..i take hrs to go thru them, each one telling its own tale of how i won it, the hardwork and the feeling of triumph:)

Neha Dua said...

Thanks Ankit.. I also have kept my school time certificates.. precious they are :)