Saturday, May 28, 2011

Games, small silly games!

I am in one of those moods when I tell random things about myself, so mostly today I will give you a reason to laugh and hence if you have stumbled on this post, you might just want to read on. Now as much as it may sound childish, the fact remains that I love playing games. I was fascinated with my yesteryears “ghar ghar” and “Doctor” till a fairly good age and then though I graduated to “Tic tac toe” and “Name Place Animal Thing”, I still haven’t come out of those. Frankly, one major reason for my still sticking on to these games is that I am quite superb and can challenge and beat almost anyone.

Only when I thought that I will always revel in my small victories, I entered into teen and my friends started completely ignoring my invitation to play these games. I had no choice but to quietly acquiescence to their wish and console my heart that gone are the days when people invented and enjoyed playing such ingenious games. I kept growing old and in the passage of time met only a few people here and there who taught me more like “Gold, silver, bronze” and “Hangman”, I always later thought that all is not lost and there is still hope for me and my games.

Then, something happened somewhere and I found love. Out of the blue, I met people who were as crazy if not more about games I hadn’t heard about. They taught me dutifully and I like a diligent pupil learnt “Mafia” and “Poker”. It was as if the tiger tasted blood, it was addictive and thrilling to play these new ones, the big ones. For countless evenings and nights, I would play, win and lose; it was a dream run to say the least. But, as all good things come to an end, my love affair too ended though not for ever I hope, but yes, there has been break.

In the meanwhile, the ever flirtatious I wanted something to keep myself going. So, I figured out that games are quite simple, a couple of rules, 1 – 2 friends who still manage to take me seriously and there I go hip hopping to them for some fun and frolic. Now, since I have written till here, I might as well tell you two of the many games that I have framed. The first is called “yes/no” game, in this one, one player asks questions and the other one can answer anything except “yes/no”, the moment the tongue slips, the player loses. The only flip side in this game is that people these days have become smart and learn the art quickly. Nonetheless, it’s a lot of fun and hence highly recommended. My next game is the “Adjective” game, in this one, the two players need to decide on an alphabet and keep giving adjectives to the other person from that alphabet, the more the adjectives, the higher are your chances to win. This game not just improves your vocabulary but can also improve/jeopardize your relationship given the words you choose to describe the other person. Again, this one is a highly recommended and enjoyable game. I can keep on writing endlessly on this topic but then there should be a limit to unnecessary rambling and so here I put a full stop to this post. Just as an after thought, please feel free to get in touch if you want more silly games ideas!


pRasad said...

hey..It's pleasure to see you back:)

Read your post and glad to see you have admitted you are silly(before I say ..just kidding:D) that's why I like to read your posts..

I guess you may also like card games in computer..

Neha Dua said...

Hey, Thanks Prasad.. Yes yes, have played all cards games on the computer :)

Raconteur said...

That was neat gurllll!

Neha Dua said...

Thanks Raconteur :)