Friday, May 13, 2011

FB phobia

If there is one sentence that comes to my mind when I think of FB, then it has to be – FB has shrunk my world and brought me closer to people whom with time I had left behind (or viceversa!) It has penetrated in my life in so many ways - pictures, notes, random thoughts, announcements, invites, congratulatory messages and the like. In fact, it has become imeprative to log on to the FB account and see if in my world all is fine.

But of late, there has been a slight sense of trepidation while logging on to FB. In my introspective mode, I figured out why is it that I feel what I feel. It is a bit embarassing but then let me be candid and tell the reasons upfront. Ok, I will start with the one which is manageable – What if I put a status update after thinking through , spell checking twice, and still people smirk and laugh inwardly. My overhyped education as well as the small ego I have nurtured would together take a hit. This is about status updates on which I can still put up a brave face, but what if someone tags me in one of my horrendous looking times, what if I look fat and ugly, what if the farce of my profile picture is out in the open! And as I am writing this, I also wonder what if I have nothing to say to my virtual world, will people forget me and I will be lost in oblivion.

All the above, is actually just a fraction of how things on FB could go wrong and the biggest of my FB fears still remain unwritten. So finally here I go, what if I see an ex flame's new relationship status on FB? At the cost of sounding desperate, I think I will just completely freak out if someone I liked is now with someone else and their mushy pictures are all over the internet for common friends to like and comment. My little heart will go whining and crying for I don't know how many days if this happens. I mean it is ok, if I get to put a new relationship status and pictures but if my someone at sometime does that, I won't like it at all.

FB and its ways, sigh!

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