Saturday, May 28, 2011

Games, small silly games!

I am in one of those moods when I tell random things about myself, so mostly today I will give you a reason to laugh and hence if you have stumbled on this post, you might just want to read on. Now as much as it may sound childish, the fact remains that I love playing games. I was fascinated with my yesteryears “ghar ghar” and “Doctor” till a fairly good age and then though I graduated to “Tic tac toe” and “Name Place Animal Thing”, I still haven’t come out of those. Frankly, one major reason for my still sticking on to these games is that I am quite superb and can challenge and beat almost anyone.

Only when I thought that I will always revel in my small victories, I entered into teen and my friends started completely ignoring my invitation to play these games. I had no choice but to quietly acquiescence to their wish and console my heart that gone are the days when people invented and enjoyed playing such ingenious games. I kept growing old and in the passage of time met only a few people here and there who taught me more like “Gold, silver, bronze” and “Hangman”, I always later thought that all is not lost and there is still hope for me and my games.

Then, something happened somewhere and I found love. Out of the blue, I met people who were as crazy if not more about games I hadn’t heard about. They taught me dutifully and I like a diligent pupil learnt “Mafia” and “Poker”. It was as if the tiger tasted blood, it was addictive and thrilling to play these new ones, the big ones. For countless evenings and nights, I would play, win and lose; it was a dream run to say the least. But, as all good things come to an end, my love affair too ended though not for ever I hope, but yes, there has been break.

In the meanwhile, the ever flirtatious I wanted something to keep myself going. So, I figured out that games are quite simple, a couple of rules, 1 – 2 friends who still manage to take me seriously and there I go hip hopping to them for some fun and frolic. Now, since I have written till here, I might as well tell you two of the many games that I have framed. The first is called “yes/no” game, in this one, one player asks questions and the other one can answer anything except “yes/no”, the moment the tongue slips, the player loses. The only flip side in this game is that people these days have become smart and learn the art quickly. Nonetheless, it’s a lot of fun and hence highly recommended. My next game is the “Adjective” game, in this one, the two players need to decide on an alphabet and keep giving adjectives to the other person from that alphabet, the more the adjectives, the higher are your chances to win. This game not just improves your vocabulary but can also improve/jeopardize your relationship given the words you choose to describe the other person. Again, this one is a highly recommended and enjoyable game. I can keep on writing endlessly on this topic but then there should be a limit to unnecessary rambling and so here I put a full stop to this post. Just as an after thought, please feel free to get in touch if you want more silly games ideas!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I sifted through my old stuff today, since my house is getting refurbished it was my mom who insisted that I should do cleaning of my drawers and see if there is something which can be thrown away. I started quite enthusiastically only to be left bewildered and nostalgic at the end.

It was weird to be looking at school badges, greeting cards, college books, black and white passport size pictures of my parents, dried up roses, friendship bands and letters sent through post. I didn’t know what to throw and what to keep. I went through this paraphernalia carefully; but it only evoked a vague memory.

My late grandfather came alive in the greeting cards which he had sent year after year without a day’s delay. It had all sorts of flowers and colors; I don’t think that the likes of Archies make such cards today and I don’t feel, there are ever going to be any wishes as pure. My parents in the bloom of their youth, looked quite handsome and raring to go, two love birds betrothed for life. Their countenance may have changed a bit with time but the love hasn’t, it only has deepened.

The friendship bands were many in number and tell a story which is quite ironic, I can’t recollect who gave me which one, though I remember vividly that it was a matter of pride in school to don these bands and flaunt their ever increasing number. The earned school badges seemed like a world conquered, how can they now look like a trifle little piece of metal. I read each letter word by word making meaning of the innocent things once written.

I told my mom, after the two hour odyssey back in time, that I have cleaned everything, dusted the drawers and kept back each memory in the place it belonged to.

Friday, May 13, 2011

FB phobia

If there is one sentence that comes to my mind when I think of FB, then it has to be – FB has shrunk my world and brought me closer to people whom with time I had left behind (or viceversa!) It has penetrated in my life in so many ways - pictures, notes, random thoughts, announcements, invites, congratulatory messages and the like. In fact, it has become imeprative to log on to the FB account and see if in my world all is fine.

But of late, there has been a slight sense of trepidation while logging on to FB. In my introspective mode, I figured out why is it that I feel what I feel. It is a bit embarassing but then let me be candid and tell the reasons upfront. Ok, I will start with the one which is manageable – What if I put a status update after thinking through , spell checking twice, and still people smirk and laugh inwardly. My overhyped education as well as the small ego I have nurtured would together take a hit. This is about status updates on which I can still put up a brave face, but what if someone tags me in one of my horrendous looking times, what if I look fat and ugly, what if the farce of my profile picture is out in the open! And as I am writing this, I also wonder what if I have nothing to say to my virtual world, will people forget me and I will be lost in oblivion.

All the above, is actually just a fraction of how things on FB could go wrong and the biggest of my FB fears still remain unwritten. So finally here I go, what if I see an ex flame's new relationship status on FB? At the cost of sounding desperate, I think I will just completely freak out if someone I liked is now with someone else and their mushy pictures are all over the internet for common friends to like and comment. My little heart will go whining and crying for I don't know how many days if this happens. I mean it is ok, if I get to put a new relationship status and pictures but if my someone at sometime does that, I won't like it at all.

FB and its ways, sigh!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My dear blog, I am back after a month long hiatus and I have lots to tell. So I won't make any long stories and will try to keep as simple and short as possible. Not that, you can really sue me for writing long stories on blog but still the sweet considerate soul I am, I won't bore you today. Ohh this reminds me, AG my friend gets so frustrated with me because whenever I tell him something, I take like an hour, add all the small irrelevant details and keep procrastinating the end result, he usually scolds me and tells me sharply "Nehu, what happened finally, just tell that" but the mean streak in me doesn't let him get off the hook easily :) Ok ok I remember, no digressions today, so starting with major changes in life - my room and house got re painted, it looks all fresh, vibrant and happy. Though the work is still going on and I have taken a 90 degree rotation in my sleeping posture but I don't mind that!

Work has been hectic of late and I tried giving it all what I have, was diligent and generally didn't shy away from any of the responsibilities (mine or someone else's). So workwise I am content at the moment, thanks to the pay hike and the small little good words which the seniors and colleaugues at work bestowed on me. But I am missing MR (world's best boss) already who has left for US yesterday.

I am back to my aerobics class at the gym and it is wonderful to say the least, 25 of us jumping like monkeys, sweating it out and trying to catch and match all the steps! Oh by the way, I don't think I have mentioned, my best friend from college, VB is getting married and I am quite freaked out. In fact, in order to soothe my nerves, I have decided to dance on her Sangeet ceremony, it will be a solo affair and I am quite looking forward to it.

Yesterday, I was in one of those terrible moods of mine when the whole world seemed bad, when I felt like no one has ever cared for me and well as much as I am ashamed of admitting, I did cry without any reason or rhyme. Though now I am back to my smiley and giggly self, the credit goes entirely to H who did a whole lot to cheer me up.

Well, I have come to the last peice of information and sad as it may sound, it is true. Today, while driving back from the nearby market to my house, I got my car into this small gutter which was quite invisible in the dark, my car hit the wall adjoining the gutter and owing to my fantastic driving skills I couldn't get it out. I made quite a mockery of myself when 5 kids (1/4th my age) and a couple of young men, literally dragged my car out of that puddle. I shyly smiled and thanked everyone and sped away. As expected, my car got this huge dent at the back and I am quite upset with myself for inflicting this unnecessary pain on my car.

Ok, now no more updates which come to my mind, so off I go to sleep. Good night dear blog :)