Monday, July 25, 2011


I have been wanting to write this post for sometime now but have been dilly dallying, it could be because I don't know the entire story or because I am just plain simple indifferent. But it crossed my mind many times and so here I am trying to make sense of the little thought which keeps propping up in my head.

For someone like me who has had the luxury of going to expensive coaching classes, reading (read not reading) from foreign authors and ultimately scraping through a seat in a good institute, its easy to sit back in the comfort of an air conditioned room and type this piece on my laptop. But there would be many people not as fortunate as me, but having the zeal to reach somewhere someday.

Its an absolute delight to meet those who are passionate and ambitious. For them sweat and hard work is another dimension which I cannot fathom. Take for example, the street vendor who earns his living by selling "Kulche chhole" outside my office. The temperature soared at 45 degrees but he wore a vest and worked as if its just another day, just another time. He only concentrated on work at his hand, even when the crowd was too much for him to handle and we thought of walking away, he only smiled and said he will make our stuff in a moment. I was only staring at him in wonder, I don't know what drives him, a bigger stall, money, house, family.. but at that precise moment I wanted to take a bow at him.

I have always regarded education as really important, in fact till very recently I thought only people like me worked in big firms. Yes, I know I was amazingly naive but anyway the point is that once I started working, I came to know that big firms became big only because they were too many "small" people willing to work hard. I am lucky to have met them, not many in number but enough to know that stars do exist not just in the sky but in the eyes, in the dreams of people who one day will be what they deserve to be.


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