Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hip Hip Hurrrrray!

A billion dreams came alive yesterday when the Indian cricket team brought back home the elusive cup. It has been a victory of sorts – a victory against a formidable team, a victory against our own mental block and finally a victory of the game which we so dearly love.

2nd Apr 2011 will be remembered in the history of cricket as that one day, when the roads were deserted, when the shops lowered shutters and when the whole of India shut it itself to watch some mind-blowing cricket. The match was initially moving at a tortoise pace; the Lankans were slow starters but put up a powerful score in the end. It was then that I too moved out of my house and settled myself for the Indian innings at a lounge bar in South Ex. I was glad to see that the place was jampacked with so many people who had painted themselves, wore Indian jerseys and were in full spirit of the game.

The crowd had just got into the groove when the opening batsmen got out on duck. The trumpets were silenced, when the God was knocked out early on. The faces looked gloomy and the irrepressible cynic rose again. It was just the heart which kept brimming with energy and thought that all is still not lost. The journey after that was a dream run, with each boundary, the crowd rose to cheer. When the chase looked within the reach, the lounge was reverberating with music. Finally, Delhi boy – Gambhir, the cool captain and Yuvraj Singh, led the Indian team to the great victory. The clincher six evoked cries of exhilaration from the crowd and all of us jumped in ecstacy. It was an emotional moment for the team and the boys didn’t shy away from letting a tear or two trickle.

The euphoria which followed post match was nothing short of spectacular; we swayed on the tune of “Vande Matram”, bear hugs, beer bottles, trumpets, fireworks, congratulatory messages, the tricolor, all was on display. People in hordes came out on the streets, the frenzy reached its peak, CP to Defense colony, India Gate to South Ex, Indians were celebrating. It was a moment of joy for the game lovers, for the team who gave its sweat and hard work and for an average Indian who beamed with pride because the Indian Team brought back that one cup for which it had to wait for 28 long years. Once again, we put our stamp on the world map; once again we proved that India with all its follies and fallacies has arrived!