Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day

Many many years ago, when I was a young girl, I used to get intoxicated by the fragrance of my English teacher, whenever she used to pass me, I wanted to touch her, wanted to talk to her. Her simple yet elegant style would take my breath away. There have been women and such amazing ones that even after ages ago, I remember them. While in school, if I wanted to emulate my English teacher, there was another one whose value system I wanted to imbibe, she used to teach me Hindi and lessons of life, the memories of which are alive and fresh till date.

Out from the closet, when I stepped for the first time in Delhi, I took to living in a PG with two other girls or didi's as I called them. There was one who sheltered me like a kid and made me a stronger person. From giving me directions on the phone to letting me have the larger space in the wardrobe, she was a sweetheart to say the least. I lived there for 25 odd days but she left an indelible mark.

Women in all walks of life; inspire me. The strength of character, the never ending patience, the ability to steer through the toughest, the steel nerves and finally the place they earn in a male dominated bastion. There is nothing now, which comes to my mind which my flock doesn't do. Bikers, politicians, pilots, directors, scientists, sportspersons, metro engineers, writers, wherever I see, I find these gracious beings adding color and zing to life. So this small post is my toast to all the women, who make this earth a better place to live in.

Wish you a very Happy Women's Day, cheers!

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