Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

The roses, the music, the gifts, the holding of hands and the endless exchange of sweet nothings, that sums up the perfect Valentine's Day for me. I remember in school, I would usually find something in my bag - a chocolate, a rose or a love note. The person would mostly not disclose his identity but it nonetheless was utterly cute. In college (both graduation and post graduation), a lot of my classmates would bunk classes and hang out with their boyfriends/girlfriends. Girls dressed in their best would be carrying big bouquets and guys typically would have done something a little beyond their means. Now when I am working, a few of my colleagues took a day off and went for a weekend vacation with their partners. I think all of this right from the beginning is very sweet and brings about that small gesture of love and that little extra which people have always done.

Of late, I hear people ridiculing the idea of celebrating love or in particular the Valentine's Day because its just too much of hype for nothing. A lot of people argue that why does one need a particular day to express love to the beloved. If its there then its there else its not. But I differ big time on this one, it could be because I am a die hard romantic or simply because I love, love stories. If you love someone then why not make it special, not to say that make that day the only special day in the entire year but it just gives an excuse to make another day special in the life of your special one. I also firmly believe that the whole feel of Valentine's Day can make anyone's heart go red with mush and so anyone who has ever been in love should be all for it.

By the way, my daddy cool exceeded all my expectations today and got a lovely card for my mom. To think of it, its so easy - the roses, the diamonds, the cards, the candle light dinners can just do the trick and bring back that yesteryear's magic.. that charm of falling in love all over again.

P.S - Thank you SA, for giving me that beautiful red rose from your bouquet.


Titbits said...

Love sometimes really lasts for ever!!!

Neha Dua said...

Lucky are the people whose love lasts forever :)