Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lohri time!

Lohri is one festival which I so fondly look forward to. First it is winters and then there is fire. I always have this picture in mind, about friends, neighbors and relatives taking rounds about the fire, putting peanuts and popcorn in the fire and merrily singing or at least humming along with the songs being played.

So as you would have figured it out, I really wanted to celebrate Lohri today, I called up friends and told my colleagues that lets do something, all they could come up with was a boring dinner/coffee plan which of course was not going with the Lohri theme in my mind. I felt dejected and came back home at quarter past 8.

Suddenly, when I was lazily lying in my bed I realized that there would be some Lohri celebration happening in my society. I dragged my dad out of his quilt and there we were, all smiling and wishing people. I was apparently so enthused about the whole celebration that I kept bugging all uncles and my dad about the significance of Lohri. Some said it was about the newly weds and kids, some about the new year for farmers, the golden harvest and the few went to the extent of explaining that the earth starts moving towards the sun and days getting longer indicating the dawn of winters. I think I was just asking for the fun of it as I am happy as long as there is bonfire and bonhomie :P

P.S - This is my first post in the new year!


Sakshi said...

I soo missed Lohri this one celebrates Lohri in Mumbai

Neha Dua said...

Awwww I know Sakshi, Lohri is so much like a North India festival, come over to Delhi, we will do something nice!