Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 movies, 1 thought

I went to see "No one killed Jessica" with colleagues, I wanted to watch it because I was following the case very closely and so it intrigued me that how cinema would have depicted a real life murder case of a girl who was a no one to say the least. The movie beautifully displays the agony which a common man undergoes fighting the corruption, the biggies, the judiciary and the personal loss. The movie made me think hard, it touched a chord somewhere and was convincing enough to bring home the fact that apathy is looming large.

Today, on the occasion of our 62nd Republic Day, I was watching the grand parade on television. It was enthralling and made my heart swell with pride. Just when it ended, "Peepli Live" was starting on one of the movie channels. I decided to watch it especially after the critical acclaim it received. I knew vaguely that it talks about the farmer suicides; frankly I haven’t taken a lot of interest in the same and only had a superficial understanding of the issue. Coming back to the movie, it tells the poignant story of the innumerable farmers in our country. It is a satire on the government policies and schemes. It made me laugh a few times but in the end it left me with a heavy heart.

As an after thought, I realized that the media is portrayed in eclectic ways – in Jessica it was an enabler and in Peepli it was only a sham. The two movies are so very different; one revolves around the people who are a part of the great Indian story and the other about the people who have been left behind in the era of high income and growth. One is based out of the National Capital and other about some forgotten village, one about a young beautiful daring girl and other about a gullible illiterate farmer. But in both the stories, protagonist dies either in spirit or in form.

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