Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nothing but love..

The warmth you give
Your eyes that steal
The smile so shy
Will ever be mine

The beat that skip
On the words unsaid
The silence which felt
Like an epic being read

The hours that went
Your hands when held
With a promise to protect
In life and in death..

P.S - I don't have a title as yet for this poem, any suggestions?


Pushkal said...

Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na....!!

Uday your relationship counselor said...

How about "Nothing but love"?

Sandeep said...

Love Actually :)

Neha Dua said...

Goog good guys, I like all the titles :) Thanks a ton. Hmmm and finally my heart says "Nothing but love"

Uday your relationship counselor said...

Thanx, Neha! I have started writing a short story on my blog. when you find time, kindly go thro' it and you can post your comments there or send clinical comments to uday.ven@gmail.com.
Thanx again!


ankit said...


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Neha Dua said...

Thank you :)