Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heart versus head

Does this happen only to me or do all of us, at some or the other time find ourselves in the middle of the perpetual battle between the head and the heart. There are dilemmas and so many of them that I always find myself badly engrossed. My silly heart and my smart head pull me into two opposite directions and I have no idea whom I should be listening to. It could be as small a thing as having a pizza or giving a call to someone I have a crush on but I am always wondering what the right thing to do is. I think, I ponder over and finally I give in to my heart.

I listen to my heart not because it has the sanest advice for me but because it gives me a fair chance to get what I badly want to. In fact, it is also my heart that plays all kind of mean tricks at me and gets me around. Just to elaborate on this, my little heart beats faster and then in a forlorn way tells me that if not now then its going to be never, it harps on how this life is just the one chance I have to live it and so I better live it on my own terms, then it says sharply that how I will later regret not listening to it and be one of those people who just pretend to be happy in life. These are all the things that I so fundamentally believe in that I have no choice but to give in to my heart.

My dear mind loses out on most occasions and frankly I don’t know why. It has a very simplistic view on life usually, it has no fancy words to say, it doesn’t even try blackmailing me, it plays straight with me and I like that to a very great extent. The only place where I think it loses out is that it reminds me of all the times when I listened to my heart and gave in and felt hurt and dejected. It is this part about my mind which I so badly dislike. You know its okay, I honestly tried, I fell straight in my face, I shed a few tears and like a brave girl I got up again. As long as I don’t nurture any grudges, as long as I am able to smile again, how does it matter what happened ages ago. So here goes, a small suggestion for my sane mind, please open up a little, don’t be scared of life. Laugh, love and live, trust me it will all turn out to be fantastic!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nothing but love..

The warmth you give
Your eyes that steal
The smile so shy
Will ever be mine

The beat that skip
On the words unsaid
The silence which felt
Like an epic being read

The hours that went
Your hands when held
With a promise to protect
In life and in death..

P.S - I don't have a title as yet for this poem, any suggestions?