Sunday, November 21, 2010

Onset of winters

The slight shiver, cool fragrant breeze and sight of my soft blanket reminded me today that my favorite season is back. Last year I was in Mumbai and hence missed sorely this beautiful weather.

Dressing up in colorful warm clothes, snuggling into quilt and catching up on a nice old movie on television is my idea of a perfect winter evening. Actually come to think of it, it is the days which lead to the chill are the ones which I enjoy most. The sun is bright but with a tinge of blush, the ceiling fans are on but the speed gradually reduces, the jackets are out from the closet but still haven't found their way over the shirts. Its like enjoying the travel more than the destination. The craving for all the calorific dishes also start in these days. The temptation to eat and then sleep for hours together is hard to resist but nonetheless, its beautiful and I am loving it :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


I woke up today with the beep of SMS on my cell. It was a colleague wishing me Diwali, I didn't have his number stored and his name just had a faint memory attached to it. There were many more such messages which I kept receiving through the day. So, finally at 4 in the afternoon, I decided to draft a message and send it to a whole lot of people.

It was weird because I was thinking hard, I just didn't want to miss anyone. Of course, if I miss a couple of old friends or a colleague it would not make any difference because anyway they would not know that I was sending bulk messages. It was then that it occurred to me that sending a Happy Diwali message is just a way of telling people that they matter and that even if we are not in touch and our last conversation happened ages ago, I think and care about them in my own small way.

Diwali is as much about warm wishes as it is about the pleasant weather, the glittering lights and delectable sweets. The spirits soar high and the mood gets enlivened. Its a marvel that people suddenly smile and hug each other in the festive season. Wish the season continues and brings millions of smiles to the billion I know :-)