Saturday, October 30, 2010

Love will find a way

I went out with my office gang to Big Chill today, it was a girls' evening out so mostly as expected we talked about our boyfriends: present and ex, fiancees and future husbands. We went on and on discussing about love, feelings and the like.

As it is in these days of inflated egos and independent lifestyles, we all agreed that adjusting with someone for an entire life time means a huge deal and so living in together might not be a bad option. It gives an insight into how your life would be in the future. As much as I agree to this, it saddens me to think that we have reached a stage where even after falling in love, after being committed to one person, there is so much more we contemplate about, so much more we need to try and test.

There is an oft repeated story, which I tell people. It is about my dad who when met my mom for the first time, scribbled on a piece of paper "Na tum hume jano, na hum tumhe jaane magar lagta hai kuch aisa mera humdum mil gaya". There are other stories too which reinforce my trust in love. Stories of uncles who wrote poems, love letters and traveled great deal to make a phone call to the one they were betrothed to. Love in that era was simple, pure, sweet and eternal. It was that leap of faith which people took and then never wavered for their entire lives.

The times might have changed and so have the stories. The only common thread (with women of course) which remains still is the desire to be with that one man, to be with that one man who will go down on his knees and express his love. That one man who will be the knight in shining armour. That one man after meeting whom, the heart will say that Love has found its way.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nameless faces

I have an instinct inkling to talk to young children and most of all the ones I meet on red light crossings, the ones who live and sleep on the sidewalks and who earn their living by selling knick knacks to the people who care to roll down their window shields and thus this post is about two such kids.

There is a little girl, in her tattered old frock who would come running towards me on the Mayur Vihar crossing. She has a wheatish complexion, freckles, golden uncombed hair and a lovely smile. We would sometimes smile at each other when I couldn’t stop and at other times, she would shake her little hand with mine. I would inquire if she has eaten and slept, she would gracefully nod in affirmation. I asked her once what she would want and she asked for a comb and soap. I couldn’t believe the naivety of her answer and so next day gave her what she had asked for. I have never seen the joy which I saw in her eyes in that very moment.

There is a boy too, who is my favorite. He would meet me at the Lodi Road crossing. To say the least, he is a charming and shy boy. He would attract peoples’ attention by making ludicrous faces and then would plead them to buy one of the many things which he would sell. I bought from him a couple of times, the next time I met him I just offered him money because of my lack of motivation to buy any of things he offered. He refused with a sincerity which still lingers on in my mind.

Just when I thought that I would one day see this kids growing up into mature individuals who would have learned to live life on their own terms, they disappeared. The crossings and the sidewalks where they inhabited were suddenly steered cleared of the so called beggars. The CWG as much as brought development and infrastructural pace also left it ripple effects over the nameless faces who are forced to hide somewhere in the unknown streets.