Saturday, September 18, 2010


I used to always wonder that how fragrances and music makes me miss people and places. Its only now that I have become a glutton, I have realized that food also reminds me of wonderful times and pleasant occurrences.

This actually started with me craving for Vada Pav, although my love for Vada Pav is very great and I have had it with so many friends and at so many places that I can write an entire book on the same but what distinctly stands out of all of these is the Vada Pav which Dilip Bhai used to get for me and AS. Dilip Bhai is this larger than life, typical Mumbaikar whom we happened to meet in a Branch in Mumbai. It was just for few days when we met him but he insisted that he treat us to the delicacy almost every day.

Gobi Manchurian, something of an Indian and Chinese dish has been a favorite of VB since the time I have known her. When my mom used to pack my lunch for having in college, she would ensure that the quantity of Gobi Manchurian was always enough for the two of us. Today, whenever I have it, I remember VB, though she is just a phone call away, I wish she also would have it with me. The long association I have with her doesn’t stop only at Gobi Manchurian, it extends to Bhel Puri as well. Bhel Puri was the typical item on any DU students’ menu but our fascination for Bhel was more to do with our ever increasing weight than anything else.

Aloo Parantha is ambrosia for my friend VC. He could devour it in no time and the way he elegantly put dollops of white butter would left me envying his super lean body. There was something between him and butter, he would have butter Maggi, butter roti and God knows what all. My dad as I have discovered has super duper culinary skills when it comes to Paranthas and so I miss him each time I have those. SK is anyway all about food but more so about sweets. The sweetheart he is, he would never forget to get me a plate of Ras Malai whenever he would visit Om Sweets in Sec 14, Gurgaon.

Now, since I am at it only I can’t help but mention my school time. I was a member of this trio gang in school and so we used to do everything together. We eventually discovered that all of us loved Chowmein. So, going to the NTPC Club and having Chowmein became something of a habit. Although we thoroughly enjoyed our binging session there was a peculiar thing we would always do. Even if we were dying of hunger, we just ordered one plate and then fought over it with our forks and spoons. It was our definition of friendship may be!

Finally, to add to the above list is Ginger tea served with a sweet gesture and an innovative way of having Subway.


Uday your relationship counselor said...

The true marks of a writer!

ashima said...

Yayyy!! Vada Pav!! Slluurrppp :)