Thursday, August 12, 2010

There are some things in life which make my heart go wide with elation. These things are usually simple chance occasions and thus I tend to forget them, so I thought to pen oops type them down and thus here I am.

I will start with the most recent and uncommon one, some days back on my way to office I saw a pretty and slender girl managing the traffic. She looked so very elegant in her traffic policewoman dress. I loved her grit, her resolve to be standing there in scorching heat and showing the way to us, to the insane drivers on the Delhi roads.

Then there is this one sight which I have loved since the time I was a child. Old couples clutching their hands, crossing the roads or just walking in a park. Love at that age is what mesmerizes me, not that I haven't stolen glances on young couples specially when guys give roses to their girls.

Finally, what is plain joy to my eyes is the rain drop on the leaves, the cute chubby child sleeping, the call from a friend I was missing, old hindi songs, the pictures which my parents clicked when I was a toddler, my first school report card, memory of my grandparents and old birthday cards.

It is so simple to be happy, to find smile for the lips and spark for the eyes.


pRasad said...

Last 15 minutes went just gr8 reading couple of your posts in the office :)

Following this blog..

Neha Dua said...

Thanks Prasad, really appreciate your compliment :)

Uday your relationship counselor said...

You exhibit all signs of a good writer, Ms Neha :))

Neha Dua said...

Thanks Uday! Hope you keep liking the stuff :)

Uday your relationship counselor said...

You are so good, I surely will :))

Neha Dua said...