Saturday, July 17, 2010

My car

I don't think I have mentioned it earlier that the brave me drives down to office each day. I was apprehensive initially but now I like it. This is primarily because I get to listen to music and sing songs and in general get pepped up. While driving I also meet various people, usually kids and ladies of which one girl is my real favorite but some other time about that.

So what happened the other day was that I got stuck in a jam and to make matters worse my car got jammed. It just wouldn't move, my first reaction was to give my car a big kick for ditching me like this. After a long tiring day at work, this was the last thing I wanted, but then I had no choice. So, I called my dad, wailed on the phone, he got all anxious and started from home. Now, I had one good hour to kill on the road. To my surprise this one hour went extremely well since the mausam was awesome and I got the time to catch up with good old friends.

This random experience of mine became all the more pleasant because I met so many people who came up to help me. Two guys on their bikes who pushed my car from the back and helped me to take the car to the corner of the road, one uncle who called my dad to tell that what was wrong with the car, a couple of more people who asked if they could drop me somewhere, it was amazing to see how people came forward to extend a hand to some one in distress.

I finally reached home at 11 30 PM and the mechanics who came with dad took the car to the garage. Now its back in shape and I am back to driving it on Delhi roads!