Monday, May 31, 2010

Childhood dreams

Last week I was in Khandala for a workshop conducted by my organization, met a lot of new people, liked some and disliked some but had a good experience overall. What surprised me most and by that I mean what pleasantly surprised me most was that I met a junior from my college i .e. Stephen's. I felt so awesomely great on seeing her, though we never knew each other during college days but nonetheless it was great seeing someone from that time.

So that night we just got talking about common friends, the college time dreams and finally how we landed in ICICI. The part I liked the most was about the dreams, I finally found someone who appreciated all the dreams I saw for myself. After the long chit chat with her I decided to come out of the closet and write on my blog about the dreams which still make me smile and some of which I still nurture somewhere in the corner of my heart.

As a young cute chubby girl who loved to dress up I thought of growing up into Miss India. To add to this fancy and lofty dream of mine was my Chachu who would always call me Miss India. Sadly the dream ended soon, thanks to my height. Then was an invention in India, FM Radio and I was so bowled over by it, there was now a job which would pay you for talking and would also let you play your favorite music. I loved the concept, adore the RJs and somewhere deep down I still want to be a RJ.

As years passed, I found myself academically inclined and the world was going the greenhouse way so I thought I would be a scientist working towards preserving the mother nature. This didn't seem viable in India so one more dream crashed. Finally, I thought I could be a writer and this blog you are reading now is a product of that dream!

P.S. - Please pour in with your dreams so that I get comforted with the idea that I am not the only one who dreams :)

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