Monday, April 19, 2010

Home sweet home :)

I am back home, in my small beautiful tidy room, getting pampered all day long and throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat. Thats what perents do to you, they spoil you and then they crib in front of friends and relatives that how the kids are these days! Anyway so the bottom line is that I have kind of grown plump, become extremely lazy and boring.

By the way if I have not mentioned I have also joined a new organization though I have not started really feeling its mine but then I have definitely started working for them. I miss my celebrity status of BoB, here I am a common worker it seems, but then I like slogging it out. It gives me immense satisfaction to complete a task and complete in a better way than it was expected. So though it gets exhausting at times, there are always surprises waiting for you, for example I happened to meet a long time school friend who is on a project and has been sitting out of my office building. It was such a pleasant surprise!

There are also days which are just plain simple boring, tiring and hot but end of the day there is nothing better than coming back to mommy daddy's hug and sleeping like a princess.

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