Wednesday, March 17, 2010

End of an era..

I checked in at 1700 hours on that Delhi bound flight, in all that hustle bustle of goodbyes, documents, luggage etc. I didn’t pay heed to my emotions. After boarding the flight, I realized that I am going back with tears in one eye and twinkle in another. It felt like that I was leaving behind, a great city, a few close friends and a way of life which was new till a few months back.

I remember vividly how upset I was on that train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. I was anxious and absolutely closed to the idea of leaving my parents and settling on my own. But I am glad that I did, though for a few months only.

My last days in Mumbai were undoubtedly one of the best days of my life. I lived each moment of it all - surprise shopping visits, awesome dinners, crazy dancing, endless treats, random beaches, crying bouts, senti talks ‘n’ walks, stay overs, Poker nights.. The warmth and love which was bestowed on me made me feel so special. It feels like I have always lived with them, each moment, each secret has always been shared with them. My memory fails to remember the time when these people didn’t matter.

It was not just great friends, but supporting bosses, a lovely woman, a caring cook, an inspirational girl, all of whom have left an indelible mark on me.
I am blessed! And I miss you all.



ashima said...

Aaaaawwww....Last 10 months have brought all of us so close...I still remember that train journey from ahmedabad to mumbai and how scared you were... :P
You've left behind a lifetime of memories girl! :) Miss you sooo much!! :( The chilling will never be the same without you...Love you...

Neha Dua said...

I love you too my lil girl :) and I miss you sooooo much! I am so glad I met you :)