Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its been an year..

An year back, we were armed with degrees, we clicked pictures, we hugged tightly, we let a tear trickle and we bid goodbyes. Till where my sight could see, I saw proud parents smiling smugly, ready to take their wards home. It was the day we got convocated, it was the day when for most of us the student life came to an end.

It was so difficult to let go, to accept that never coming back to this place would be a reality. I went back for one last time to get a glimpse of my room, the room which has been a haven in good and bad times, I went back to hug my MDI family again, the two people who lend me everything from money to their shoulders, I went back just so that I get a moment more to stay in the place which gave me so much.

MDI was a helluva experience - friends, love, RG, Jha ji, CG, Arcus, girls gang, dome, parties, placements, open house, night outs, exams, Sharma ji, endless presentations, HR rocks, all of it is so clearly etched in my memory. It was tough to imagine that life would carry on without any of these, but it did. We didn't see each other for days, coped up with random jobs, relocated to different cities but found ways to reconnect. Mega meets and marathon mails gave meaning to a whole lot of missing which we went through.

Now, words fail me and my memory overwhelms me.. so here it goes, this post is a toast to

MDI - a way of life!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

End of an era..

I checked in at 1700 hours on that Delhi bound flight, in all that hustle bustle of goodbyes, documents, luggage etc. I didn’t pay heed to my emotions. After boarding the flight, I realized that I am going back with tears in one eye and twinkle in another. It felt like that I was leaving behind, a great city, a few close friends and a way of life which was new till a few months back.

I remember vividly how upset I was on that train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. I was anxious and absolutely closed to the idea of leaving my parents and settling on my own. But I am glad that I did, though for a few months only.

My last days in Mumbai were undoubtedly one of the best days of my life. I lived each moment of it all - surprise shopping visits, awesome dinners, crazy dancing, endless treats, random beaches, crying bouts, senti talks ‘n’ walks, stay overs, Poker nights.. The warmth and love which was bestowed on me made me feel so special. It feels like I have always lived with them, each moment, each secret has always been shared with them. My memory fails to remember the time when these people didn’t matter.

It was not just great friends, but supporting bosses, a lovely woman, a caring cook, an inspirational girl, all of whom have left an indelible mark on me.
I am blessed! And I miss you all.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Colors, my favorite colors

I have loved colors since childhood, when people would ask me about my favorite color I would usually say Pink (the girlie color, you see) . But that time I was very young and very infatuated with pink, as I grew up I realized that each time I was asked the question, I had an urge to give name of a different color. Weird as it may sound, but it is true, that I simply love all colors and not one color is my favorite color. In fact, for some time now, I have been making sure that my wardrobe is full of clothes of various colors so that I could flaunt different colors on different occasions.

Colors also remind me of Holi and the wild ways with which people play Holi. But this Holi was a complete delight because I mostly played Holi with young kids (age upto 5). Since, I was at Mamu house for the Holi weekend, I didn't know many people. I was quietly standing in a corner which attracted a lot of attention from young kids. They came to me with their tanker sized Pichkaaris and attacked me full on :). By the way, I also discovered that if you have younger cousins (age upto 12) specially boys, it could be a bit of a pain. I was the victim of a toli of young and naughty boys for whom holi meant playing with color water balloons. I still shudder from the thought :

Apart from the normal playing holi with young and younger kids, it was a lot of fun to observe the teens and adults. The teens were having time of their lives, rain dancing, flirting and what not. But the adults, hats off to them, they were completely rocking. By adults, I don't mean people like me, but the real adults - the uncles and aunties. I saw so many uncles, who got a chance to hug aunties on the pretext of 'Holi hai!'. It was sometimes amusing and sometimes funny but in retrospect I think it was cute as long as the aunties didn't mind!