Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On 1st Feb 2010, I put in my papers. I had heard the statement long enough but didn't know what that actually means and which papers will I have to put. So, came to rescue a friend who had recently put in his papers, I asked him what exactly I am supposed to do. He forwarded me a letter, a letter of resignation that is and told me that is all I am supposed to do. I paraphrased that letter and then saved the soft copy on my desktop. The easier part was over, the difficult was left, I had written the letter but hadn't gathered the courage to give it to my Sirs nor I had the audacity to resign without letting them know.

I dilly dallied for a couple of days and then thought that I cannot escape it so I must do it, do it fast and as honestly as possible. I went to each one of them personally and told them that I would be putting down my papers soon. They asked the reason and then wished me luck, in fact I owe them a huge thanks for not making this tough. They were kind and supportive which I think is a real sweet gesture.

Yesterday, its been just 8 months since I started working here and yesterday itself I received the Exit form. It is a strange feeling that I am exiting from here and that too within a span of few months. Also, suddenly I have started feeling that I am not a part of the system anymore. There are formalities to be undertaken, pending stuff to be completed and finally projects need to be handed over and then I will not be the person I was for my first employer. Sigh!

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