Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pune Blasts

Back to normalcy is what the newspapers will read in a couple of days. It is so strange to think of it, that people die and they bleed to die, only so that the society, the city, the country goes back to being normal. We fight, we pray, we weep but at the end we move on, silencing the cries which once were heard loud and clear.

It is not that I have read about the first time about blasts, it is a regular feature for anyone who lives in India, but somehow I am compelled now to write; to at least give this space on my blog to the blasts which have rocked us again.

The blasts happened on a weekend, in a purely innocuous place and took lives of innocent people. I feel disgusted of the extremely pitiful situation we are in. Young and old, Indians and foreigners all of us are equally vulnerable. It is like staring at death in the each single moment that we live. Some people get lucky and some don't. It is surprising that our fundamentals have changed, changed to an extent that instead of celebrating life, we fear life, instead of condemning death, we just put a number to death. Pune blast toll reaches 11.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On 1st Feb 2010, I put in my papers. I had heard the statement long enough but didn't know what that actually means and which papers will I have to put. So, came to rescue a friend who had recently put in his papers, I asked him what exactly I am supposed to do. He forwarded me a letter, a letter of resignation that is and told me that is all I am supposed to do. I paraphrased that letter and then saved the soft copy on my desktop. The easier part was over, the difficult was left, I had written the letter but hadn't gathered the courage to give it to my Sirs nor I had the audacity to resign without letting them know.

I dilly dallied for a couple of days and then thought that I cannot escape it so I must do it, do it fast and as honestly as possible. I went to each one of them personally and told them that I would be putting down my papers soon. They asked the reason and then wished me luck, in fact I owe them a huge thanks for not making this tough. They were kind and supportive which I think is a real sweet gesture.

Yesterday, its been just 8 months since I started working here and yesterday itself I received the Exit form. It is a strange feeling that I am exiting from here and that too within a span of few months. Also, suddenly I have started feeling that I am not a part of the system anymore. There are formalities to be undertaken, pending stuff to be completed and finally projects need to be handed over and then I will not be the person I was for my first employer. Sigh!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Me and my BoB gang are always looking out for new ways of exploring and enjoying whatever little time we get together. So this Saturday was no different and we wanted to spend our weekend in an unusual way. Somehow, we figured out about this cruise which is an overnight thing and decided to experience it.

We were nine people who were supposed to meet at the Dockyard Station at 7 pm for the on boarding formalities and our cruise was to leave at 8 pm. Thanks to the sleepy me, we were at the Borivali station at 7 pm from where it would take a minimum of 1.5 hours to reach the cruise place. The journey therefore to reach the dockyard station became pretty much exciting, we ran as if it was a marathon, we coaxed the cab driver to drive fast and I made innocent faces to save myself from curses. But thanks to our luck, the super fast train, the cab driver and most importantly the three people (AS, SB, AN) who reached and stopped the cruise for us. Thanks guys :)

Now, is the part on the cruise - we started by exploring the deck and other areas, thereafter had dinner, then danced in the disk and also watched some dance numbers by the dancers (much enjoyed by the boys). The breeze was nice, the people were drunk and I was sleepy. We had the whole night to spend and then was the discovery, the revelation that I am a gambler ;)

My friend SSN, was carrying a pack of cards and he volunteered to teach us Poker, I have never played it and have no idea about it, except that it is gambling. I was just going to opt out of it when I thought that I will be a sport and learn it. After that, there was absolutely no looking back, I played the first few games foolishly and then I was in form, I was the pro. It is an absolute addiction and I loved it. It gives such a high to raise the bar, calculate moves and finally read faces. We played Poker the whole night and in the morning when everyone got up to watch the sunrise, I begged for another game!

After a couple of more hours, we were back from where we started. Of course, the cruise rejuvenated us and also made me realize my inner gambling and risk taking instincts. All my friends utilized their Sunday sleeping and the freaky me cleaned the house whole day :(