Tuesday, January 26, 2010

School Time!

It felt like I was back to school, the carefree and old days were back because my closest friends from school were here in Mumbai. I was meeting them after almost 3 years and I am friends with them since the age of 5. It was so refreshing to be able to speak to them after such a long time and start from where we left last time. There was no gap, no void whatsoever just the comfort of being around people who matter.
We chatted, danced, sang, cooked, shopped, visited places and slept over each other. I have come to realize that probably there is nothing better than having your girlfriends around. They have the best advise to give in terms of weight, love issues, dresses and everything under the sun.
I have been very miserable since the past few days but my gloom vanished when I saw them. Though I talked not as much as I am capable of, but I felt better, miles better. The best memory of these wonderful days would be the time when one of them shouted "Look, that's how we would be after some years". When we saw what she was referring to, we couldn't help but smile and wish that would come true. It was these three very elegant ladies with grey hair laughing and chatting in the cab next to ours. Thanks a ton guys for being here, for being with me always, it truly means a lot. I will always miss my most wonderful evening on the Nariman Point, three girls and silence :)

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