Monday, January 11, 2010

2009 ---> 2010

Its been good 11 days since the New Year ushered. The date, calender, diaries and many other such things have taken a new form, a new shape and a new meaning. It surprises me that inspite of my wanting to write for past somedays, I didn't and that's primarily because I didn't have the courage and the inclination to put myself bare. This is an attempt to put down in nutshell the major events and to remember all those beautiful people who were a part of these major events.

2009 has been a year of a whole lot of new beginnings. I started my first job, I started living alone in a far off city and for the first time I felt that independence which I have only heard of. Living alone has made me stronger, I feel all grown up and I understand the concept of single woman in a big city. I started doing all the single woman stuff like buying vegetables, taking care of my electricity bills, internet bills and so much more which goes into making a house. I also travelled in the much talked about local trains and went on some really memorable trips - Mt. Abu, Lonavala, Goa and Kashid & Alibaug.

2009 also was an year which brought to end to many things. I finally put a full stop to my studies, in simpler words I was convocated. It was an year of economies going into deep recession and with that all my dreams of getting a high paying job were also quashed. One thing which proabably had the greatest impact on me was that my special friend has become just a friend now. It is indeed very tough to let go but some other time about that.

2010 - I started the first day of the New Year with the CMD of my organization wishing me and giving me a rose for my birthday which happens to be in January and also telling me that I am the youngest of all the people who were present there that day. I had a nice pastry, a yellow rose and lots of good wishes. Just to make the day perfect I kept humming "Allll is Welll" throughout the day, wore a nice and lively smile and visited a temple in the evening. With that I hoped that this will be a year full of happiness and blessings for me and for everyone around.


Sandeep said...

Tathastu :)

ashima said...

Im sure 2010 will be rocking girl! :) Well written post btw :)