Saturday, December 19, 2009

I sit and think..

I sit and think
Of the wonder years
Those smiles and tears

I sit and think
Of the carefree childhood
World that looked so good

I sit and think
Of the friends I had
Moments both happy and sad

I sit and think
Of the bright sunny days
Warmth of the rays

I sit and think
Of my first love
Innocent & pure as a dove

I sit and think
Of the endless talks
Breezy late night walks

I sit and think
Of my life that was
If only it could pause..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

College Days!

All of us have vivid memories of our college days and so do I;therefore this post is dedicated to those three wonderful years of my life.

College, my college is counted among the best educational institues of India and so at the age of 17 when I entered its hallowed gates for the first time, it meant stepping into a legacy which I will carry for my life. St. Stephen's, the college which has churned out the best of the politicians, diplomats, journalists, writers is a dream for so many starry eyed students, it was my dream too and by God's grace I realized it.

Stephen's meant meeting some of the best brains, growing up into a mature person, standing up for your beliefs and last but not the least making friends for life. It meant a life where I could dream everyday, discuss philosophy with Vaidehi, sit in the sun and have food which Mommy had given in the tiffin (yes, I used to carry my lunch box to college). The craze for Chinese food, Bhel puri and CAT, all originated there.

I miss college days, life was so much more simple. My world was restricted to the green lawns of the Science Block, a couple of great friends, lab sessions and no worries to take back home.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nikita - The wonder girl

Strange enough, I am compelled to write about someone whom I recently met, who meant nothing but a sweet voice on the phone, who was just another colleague in office but only till the time I met her. She is Nikita, one of us, vibrant, bubbly, intelligent, witty and B - School (JBIMS) educated. The one difference albeit a small one; as she makes me believe is that she hears what we see. Yes, very simply put she is visually challenged.

I have never met someone with a disability and so may be I used to have a soft corner or a symapthetic attitude towards them but meeting her changed it all. She doesn't need my or anyone else's symapthy. In fact she is a person who has turned her disability into her strength. The fact that she is a little different from the rest of us, has motivated her to no extent. Apart from the credentials which she has gained in her academic pursuits, she is a person of varied interests. She has a masters in music and sings for the All India Radio, she delivers lectures for people suffering from stress or depression and with all of this she is a full time employee, an efficient one at that for Bank of Baroda.

She has never failed to surprise me, yesterday when I went to her, she touched my sleeve which was a way of acknowledging my presence and then she said "You always wear formals", I was astonished and ended up asking "how do you know", she smiled and said "Your cufflings". As much as I want to believe that she is just like us, the more she proves me wrong. So, now I have conceded that she is indeed different, very different from most of us ; who blame our kismet for the smallest of the challenges we endure.

I wish I could learn just a few things from her - matching jewellery to the dress (yes, she does this to perfection), nonchalantly making fun of self; she happens to be a sardarni and so manages to crack jokes at herself and finally the way she smiles. Its a lovely and content smile which can light anyone's life.

P.S - This is what she told in her introduction once "My motto of life is very simple, as simple as my blood group i.e. B+"