Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daddy's Girl :)

Mumbai looked different yesterday and that is simply because Daddy was coming here. I was all excited to see him and be with him for as long as possible so I carried my stuff to office from where I was to leave for his hotel. I was completely aware of where I was supposed to reach but guess what I reached some where else. I then called him, wailed about the random ways of Mumbai and then finally reached his hotel. So, I was kind of pondering over this that its been a long time since I stopped losing my ways. When I was young, it used to be a regular phenomenon. We lived in a township of 6 Km radius and there I would lose my way so so very often. When I started going to college, I continued the trend. But as I moved to hostel and then to Mumbai, I got used to figuring out my ways. So it seemed like that since Papa was here and I could call him and be baby like all over again I lost my way. I wanted him to tell me "Beta where are you, I will come", he did and that's all I needed :)

This was not all, last month when I visited home, we went on a short trip to Agra. The calorie conscientious me was as usual busy counting what all I had and so on. But suddenly, Papa asked "Beta, what dessert you want?". I needed that trigger and lost all all my sense of calories and weight. I wanted Ras Malai, so there he was in Agra at 10 pm trying to find that elusive sweet. When he finally did manage to get it for me, I just could not stop smiling. The effort which had gone in finding the sweet meant that my daddy loves me as much as he did when I was a three year old. He still is happy and willing to pamper me :)

It is pretty evident from this post but just for the sake of gloating.. I am a born daddy's girl and ya now the owner of a nice new 5800 Music Express phone which he got for me. So, I will rather end this post and here I go to call him.


Sandeep said...

U knw what.. Ill have Ras Malai today... Yaad aa gayi .. But Kahan milegi yahaan jungle mein no idea.. :)

Neha Dua said...

ha ha Sandy :) kha le ras malai agar mile tere jamnagar mein to ;)

ankit said...

Now I knw why i just cant figure out roads in mumbai....keep losing my way...although i hv been here for almost 20 years now....