Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to where I don't belong!

The weekend I waited for weeks is over before I realized, before I could hold on, before I was content..

This Sun, the 29th of November was Ashish's marriage, my friend and my alter ego (we have exactly the same scores in all our personality tests). Way back in 2007, I barely knew him, but I knew he had a girlfriend whom he will marry when we complete our MBA and yesterday he kept his word. Not that I ever doubted his intentions, but it is always nice to see love culminating into life long partnership. The marriage was in Goa, his native place. It was a nice and quiet Indian wedding, the bride looked beautiful in her red saree and the groom was my ever jovial friend. I smiled and just wished them all the happiness in the world. This was not it, in our trip to Goa, another couple announced their wedding. They too looked happy and it seemed just as the perfect ending and the perfect beginning of a new era of relationship, of a new dawn of emotions.

Goa was wonderful, the serene beaches the vast stretch of sand and the friend closest to heart. It doesn't take more for the life to look perfect. I desired for the time to stay still but it didn't and I am back to the house, to the office, where I don't belong. I might have accepted all of it with open arms but my idea of life was never this. I had dreamt of a big house on the beach, a walk on the sand and love at all times. I wished my life to be that simple, that beautiful!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daddy's Girl :)

Mumbai looked different yesterday and that is simply because Daddy was coming here. I was all excited to see him and be with him for as long as possible so I carried my stuff to office from where I was to leave for his hotel. I was completely aware of where I was supposed to reach but guess what I reached some where else. I then called him, wailed about the random ways of Mumbai and then finally reached his hotel. So, I was kind of pondering over this that its been a long time since I stopped losing my ways. When I was young, it used to be a regular phenomenon. We lived in a township of 6 Km radius and there I would lose my way so so very often. When I started going to college, I continued the trend. But as I moved to hostel and then to Mumbai, I got used to figuring out my ways. So it seemed like that since Papa was here and I could call him and be baby like all over again I lost my way. I wanted him to tell me "Beta where are you, I will come", he did and that's all I needed :)

This was not all, last month when I visited home, we went on a short trip to Agra. The calorie conscientious me was as usual busy counting what all I had and so on. But suddenly, Papa asked "Beta, what dessert you want?". I needed that trigger and lost all all my sense of calories and weight. I wanted Ras Malai, so there he was in Agra at 10 pm trying to find that elusive sweet. When he finally did manage to get it for me, I just could not stop smiling. The effort which had gone in finding the sweet meant that my daddy loves me as much as he did when I was a three year old. He still is happy and willing to pamper me :)

It is pretty evident from this post but just for the sake of gloating.. I am a born daddy's girl and ya now the owner of a nice new 5800 Music Express phone which he got for me. So, I will rather end this post and here I go to call him.

Monday, November 9, 2009


How often it happens that songs conjure up memories.. memories of people, of places, of moments, of childhood, of happy times.. Songs have always had a special place in my life, the lyrics, the music takes me into another world all together.

I still remember the magic which "Pehla Nasha" had on me. I was in school, guess 8th standard, first time crush on this cute guy from my class. This song made me blush and made me smile and I just wanted to dance with him. It is all together a different matter that later I associated the same song with lots of other crushes as well :) Sometimes it was the craze of DDLJ and sometimes KKHH but all of them had their own charm and my own dreams associated with them. I can still vividly recall the school farewell where we played "Yaroon Dosti" and hugged and cried and cried. That song meant the entire world at that point of time. It was "Papa Kehte Hain" during college, "Maa" when away from mommy dearest, "Ye Ishq Hai" when love was blossoming, "Mehfuz" in those tender moments and finally on occasions of apparent heart breaks "Ya Rabba" and "Tere Bin Nahi Lagda" did the trick. When my special someone was coming to see me after a long time, all I could hum was "Tere Aane Ki Jab Khabar" and finally as I end this post and look outside my window, the perfect song is playing in the background "Chandni Raatein.."

I wish I was a song too.. happy and sad but complete in its own beautiful way :)