Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Of work and bosses!

Last Sunday was a day to connect, connect with the batch mates from MDI, all of whom have landed in this city, this city of dreams and well jobs. So the plan was all complete, with marathon mails from all quarters, we zeroed on the venue and time. I reached there to find a couple of my friends already waiting. It was sooo good to see them again, felt like we were back in college, the place where we have undoubtedly spent two of our most beautiful years. After the usual rounds of hugs and handshakes it was time for some serious discussion.

We started one by one narrating, criticizing, mocking and praising (rarely though) our respective jobs and bosses. It was in a way homecoming to be able to talk so candidly about life and associated stuff with people you know and have lived with. But in a way it was different because our issues have changed. In college life revolved around CGPA, projects and picking proffs, now its about work and bosses. The strange part is that the issues might be different, the city might have changed but what remains same and definitely unmatched is an evening well spent with friends.

By the way if I haven't mentioned the discussions also usually wander towards marriage. With a couple of them either getting engaged or married, it seems like there is a naked sword hanging on every one's head, it just remains to be seen that who gets caught into the trap first and who can dance away to glory till the last.

That's all for now. Signing off with a smile :)

P.S. - The guys haven't changed, they still look exactly the same, dishevelled I mean
The girls for sure look more elegant and prettier than before.

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amit said...

This post made me sad for a while; i was thinking that it is just 4 months and college will be over; hw did these 1.5 yrs go by so quickly.But i realized that rather than thinking about past time; i should focus on spending my next 4 months full of life.