Sunday, October 25, 2009

Memories live forever..

Dear ones come and just go by
Never will they return howsoever we may try
When they leave they bring so many tears
For we had a relationship strengthened over years
What remians are impressions on the heart
In a short while we are miles apart
The distance may be due to death or anger
But everything has ended only in a whimper
For sometime we go insane
Mind is full of sorrow and pain
All this doesnt bring an end to life
We have to live and constantly strive
Why had they come if they had to go
Just to impart love for a day or so
People die and relationships end
We are left with tears to shed
Deep inside there remains a gap
Which gradually heals in time's lap
We pick up the broken pieces & start anew
Sorrow goes and there is joyness new
For there are memories to cherish both sweet & sour
Of all those happy moments and hours..


Ankit said...

Very good..touching

amit said...

awesome poem; touching

Neha Dua said...

thank you ankit and amit.

Sandeep said...

In short... U gave a summary of something called life... :) Its worth living it... Isnt it?

Nidhi said...

touched a chord wid mah heart ! well written :):)..

Neha Dua said...

Thanks Sandy and Nidhi.. m glad u guys liked it.. i wrote this when I was in 9th standard :)


good job, great

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ankit said...

They do indeeed !!!