Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Singh rocks!!!

An evening with friends became so special and memorable because of Happy Singh and so this post is dedicated to the cutest, funniest and the most adorable Happy Singh. Now I didn't really know about Happy Singh and visited him for the first time today after my friends' brother mentioned about him. The moment I heard his name it reminded me of Punjab, the land of great food and generous hearts and so I insisted that we visit Happy Singh and no one else.

As it turned out a few of my friends were reluctant to meet him. But after a lot of persuasion we went to him and to our pleasant surprise Happy Singh had a big place (in a city like Mumbai, spacious places are a rarity). He made all of us feel comfortable in his big mansion which was decorated with his pictures (yes, he is a narcisst). He then started chit chatting with us in his own sweet punjabi accent, his english or rather hinglish was quite funny and we just couldn't stop laughing. After a round of jokes and gup shup, we were served a sumptuous dinner which consisted of lip smacking dishes like paneer makhani, dal makhani, aloo jeera, butter nan and drinks. We were just about to thank Happy Singh when he put the icing on the cake and got us jalebi with rabri.

End of the day Happy Singh just made me soooo happy that I want all my friends to meet him and be as happy as I am today. Thanks Happy singh, thanks for the lovely time and the great food. Will visit ya soon again. Till then miss ya ;)

P.S - Happy Singh is a restaurant in Saki Naka Mumbai, highly recommended.

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