Friday, August 28, 2009

Far and away

Distance is a humbling experience.. it makes you long, it makes you cry and finally it makes you realize the importance of the taken for granted people in your life. In my life also there are people like these mainly my parents and my closest friends to whom I am really attached to but for reasons obvious and obscure, I can't see them as often as I would want to.

So, as it happened I was missing this really dear and special friend of mine and he decided to visit me here in Mumbai. Given the sweetness of his gesture, I decided to make his stay as perfect as possible. I started out with a long list of eating out places in Mumbai, took reviews and recommendations from many of my friends and zeroed on a couple of them. I also thought that I would take him to Bandstand, Marine Drive, temples, Colaba, Pheonix mills etc. etc. and all this would be packed in a day. Now when my itinery was complete I started waiting anxiously for him.

The day arrived and so did he, I looked at him, gave him a big bear hug and then in a flash of moment remembered all the beautiful moments spent with him. After a few minutes when I came to terms with the fact that I am actually meeting him, I completely chucked all my grand outing plans which I had been making for the past 2 months. His presence and just the fact that he is around was enough to make our time together memorable. We spent our few hours either in silence or in smiles. There was not much to say or listen. It was like contentment, it was like coming back to life.

But as all beautiful things come to an end, this one also did. I bid him goodbye with moist eyes and heavy heart. I came back alone to my place, felt upset and felt sad but then distance also teaches you to value, to miss and then to carry on..


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It is the Seperation that teaches us to value Love :)

True Right?
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