Sunday, August 30, 2009

My people..

Today, I woke up in the morning with a twinge somewhere deep down, I knew the reason but was trying to avoid it. It had to happen sooner or later but somehow the suddeness of it took me by surprise. Not only I am not ready but also I don't want to let go off so soon. I am myself amazed by the heartache I am going through but knowing myself it is natural.

From the day I came to Mumbai, I found a set of people - caring, stubborn, cute, enthu, wierd and what not but they are MY people. Within no time we became friends and when I say friends, I mean it. We started spending a lot of time and in the process got to know each other. We would share our all secrets and fears and just be together all the time

Since I am feeling senti, I would rather introduce you to the closest of the lot. To begin with its the people I live with..
Iti, she is my roomie and also the most energetic and enthu person I have ever met in my life. She cares for one and all, makes friends right, left and center and also kisses me out of love and affection :)
Ashima, my partner in our branch training is one of the prettiest females in the entire world and to everyone's delight, she is still single ;) A person who understands, cares and is absolute fun to be with.
Then comes the person because of whom I am writing this post, Sujata - the homely, the scary and the Aunty. Homely because she cooks for all of us when our cook doesn't, scary because she can scare the shit out of me, thanks to her curly long hair and big eyes and finally aunty because that's what the guys like to tease her with.
Also, I can't help but mention the guys.. first its Ankit - the cute looking, all time blushing friend I made here, then its Subrat - the guy who wants to get fair, grow hair and who plans all our outings. Last but not the least its Kislay - the forever good boy and responsible kinds.. I have much more to say but that certainly can't be expressed in words. May be just that I will miss you all wherever and whenever..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Far and away

Distance is a humbling experience.. it makes you long, it makes you cry and finally it makes you realize the importance of the taken for granted people in your life. In my life also there are people like these mainly my parents and my closest friends to whom I am really attached to but for reasons obvious and obscure, I can't see them as often as I would want to.

So, as it happened I was missing this really dear and special friend of mine and he decided to visit me here in Mumbai. Given the sweetness of his gesture, I decided to make his stay as perfect as possible. I started out with a long list of eating out places in Mumbai, took reviews and recommendations from many of my friends and zeroed on a couple of them. I also thought that I would take him to Bandstand, Marine Drive, temples, Colaba, Pheonix mills etc. etc. and all this would be packed in a day. Now when my itinery was complete I started waiting anxiously for him.

The day arrived and so did he, I looked at him, gave him a big bear hug and then in a flash of moment remembered all the beautiful moments spent with him. After a few minutes when I came to terms with the fact that I am actually meeting him, I completely chucked all my grand outing plans which I had been making for the past 2 months. His presence and just the fact that he is around was enough to make our time together memorable. We spent our few hours either in silence or in smiles. There was not much to say or listen. It was like contentment, it was like coming back to life.

But as all beautiful things come to an end, this one also did. I bid him goodbye with moist eyes and heavy heart. I came back alone to my place, felt upset and felt sad but then distance also teaches you to value, to miss and then to carry on..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Singh rocks!!!

An evening with friends became so special and memorable because of Happy Singh and so this post is dedicated to the cutest, funniest and the most adorable Happy Singh. Now I didn't really know about Happy Singh and visited him for the first time today after my friends' brother mentioned about him. The moment I heard his name it reminded me of Punjab, the land of great food and generous hearts and so I insisted that we visit Happy Singh and no one else.

As it turned out a few of my friends were reluctant to meet him. But after a lot of persuasion we went to him and to our pleasant surprise Happy Singh had a big place (in a city like Mumbai, spacious places are a rarity). He made all of us feel comfortable in his big mansion which was decorated with his pictures (yes, he is a narcisst). He then started chit chatting with us in his own sweet punjabi accent, his english or rather hinglish was quite funny and we just couldn't stop laughing. After a round of jokes and gup shup, we were served a sumptuous dinner which consisted of lip smacking dishes like paneer makhani, dal makhani, aloo jeera, butter nan and drinks. We were just about to thank Happy Singh when he put the icing on the cake and got us jalebi with rabri.

End of the day Happy Singh just made me soooo happy that I want all my friends to meet him and be as happy as I am today. Thanks Happy singh, thanks for the lovely time and the great food. Will visit ya soon again. Till then miss ya ;)

P.S - Happy Singh is a restaurant in Saki Naka Mumbai, highly recommended.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One last time..

I wanna be close to you one last time
for I know you were once mine

I wanna embrace you one last time
& relive that rain, that sunshine

I wanna kiss you one last time
engulf myself in dreams sublime

I wanna dance for one last time
rock in your arms and feel the rhythm divine

I wanna cry for one last time
in your lap, I would be fine

I wanna be one, just one last time
for that is pure and not a crime...