Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend to remember..

Today let me introduce you to people whom I am really close to - Mamu, mami, Luv and Kush. It might seem like I am talking of relatives and cousins but to tell you the truth, these are people with whom I share a special bond of love and warmth. They live in Mumbai, yes the same city as I do but I am not able to meet them often, blame it on the bad traffic of Mumbai or plain simple busy lives. But, this weekend I decided to go to their place and be with them. I have to agree that this was one of the coolest and nicest weekends in Mumbai. The reasons are varied and many which I will disclose in the course of my post.

Firstly, the sheer feeling of being almost at home can beat anything and everything in the world. So, that's what I felt there, I felt that I am almost at home. I was pampered to the hilt and who doesn't like it. I shopped, ate and got a hair cut. All of which gave me immense sense of happiness. Secondly what I love about Mamu's place is the locality, he lives in Navi Mumbai, just off the Palm beach road, its beautiful and clean surroundings made me think if I am in some other city and not in the ever dirty and ever stinking Mumbai.

Last but not the least, I kind of relived a part of my childhood with Luv-Kush. I played a game called business with them, I got so engrossed that completely lost the sense of time, also I saw them getting ready for next day at school, completing their homework, making charts and packing bags. It was then that I started getting nostalgic about my school days - the best and the most beautiful days of my life. How I wish, I could get all of that back, that carefree and blissful life..

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