Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend to remember..

Today let me introduce you to people whom I am really close to - Mamu, mami, Luv and Kush. It might seem like I am talking of relatives and cousins but to tell you the truth, these are people with whom I share a special bond of love and warmth. They live in Mumbai, yes the same city as I do but I am not able to meet them often, blame it on the bad traffic of Mumbai or plain simple busy lives. But, this weekend I decided to go to their place and be with them. I have to agree that this was one of the coolest and nicest weekends in Mumbai. The reasons are varied and many which I will disclose in the course of my post.

Firstly, the sheer feeling of being almost at home can beat anything and everything in the world. So, that's what I felt there, I felt that I am almost at home. I was pampered to the hilt and who doesn't like it. I shopped, ate and got a hair cut. All of which gave me immense sense of happiness. Secondly what I love about Mamu's place is the locality, he lives in Navi Mumbai, just off the Palm beach road, its beautiful and clean surroundings made me think if I am in some other city and not in the ever dirty and ever stinking Mumbai.

Last but not the least, I kind of relived a part of my childhood with Luv-Kush. I played a game called business with them, I got so engrossed that completely lost the sense of time, also I saw them getting ready for next day at school, completing their homework, making charts and packing bags. It was then that I started getting nostalgic about my school days - the best and the most beautiful days of my life. How I wish, I could get all of that back, that carefree and blissful life..

Friday, July 10, 2009

Her Only One

Eyes that say a thousand words
Fingers which tenderly touch

Lips that feel like pink petals
Cheeks as if a shining metal

Voice which sings a mellifluous melody
Smile that lights moods many

Tresses as soft as fur
The fragrance which follows her

Has been waiting for someone
Someone who deserves to become
Her love, her dream, her only one..

Monday, July 6, 2009

My new house, my new city!!

I am now based out of Mumbai, Mumbai - the city of dreams. Its been exactly 16 days when I arrived with my bag and baggage in this city. I can't claim to know this city much given my duration of stay here but have definitely loved it and hated it for eclectic reasons.

For all the Mumbai lovers, I will start with what mesmerizes me. First and foremost, its the sea, the sea which spreads from one corner to the other, from Juhu to Worli, the sea which makes you fall in love, the sea which just lets you be. With sea comes the weather which fortunately has been pleasant from the very first day, the breeze which is an integral part of my 19th floor flat is one of the best things about my house. Another thing which has come as a wonderful surprise is the fact that here autos and taxis run only by meters, to someone like me who is a Delhiite, its an alien concept but at the same time quite welcoming.

Now, coming to the parts which I have started detesting already. Let me begin with the most debatable - the Local. Yes I have travelled in the local train and it was one of the worst experiences of my life to say the least. In fact it is inhuman to travel in locals at the rush hour. People seemed like ants and cockroaches, one above the another without a sense of space. There is no space to breathe, forget the fact that one could sit or stand. I could smell each person, I could feel the sweat, the touch of countless women whom I don't even know. They fight, they curse, they abuse and then jostle for the air. Isn't it a basic human right to be able to breathe?? Also, whoever says that Mumbai is going to be our Shangai or something is definitely dreaming. The infrastructure of the city is crumbling down each passing day. One rain and its all flodded with water.

This city is good and is bad but it is also unique in its own special way. Its accepts and assimilates people, people from all walks of life but it needs strength and support to go on.