Monday, June 1, 2009


Today I am enjoying a full fledged holiday, thanks to my students' exam on 2nd all of us (their teachers) have got an extended weekend. I got up leisurely at around 10 am, then had a good breakfast and after that have just been whiling away time. One thing which has occupied my mind since morning is my students and so I thought of writing about them.

First, I have to agree to the fact that I started teaching only to utilize my time during the 2-2.5 months of holiday which I got post MDI and pre joining BoB. It was also a way to get some decent pocket money and well that's about it. It never dawned on me that I could actually like teaching, but somehow it soon became a part of everyday life. I used to always ponder that why my professors, the real good ones left high paying cushioned jobs to teach us. I think I have got the answer now.

When I went to teach the first day, it was an unfamiliar setting. A group of 40 students all 18 year old were waiting for me to give some kind of intro and then may be start teaching. I told them candidly about myself, what I do, why I am teaching them and then I smiled. They smiled back and then there was no looking back. I started taking classes everyday, met around 500 students who are all young, raring to go, carefree and sweet all at the same time. I enjoyed teaching them and by the feedback I received I got to know that they liked being taught by me. Yes, not everything was hunky dory all the time, there were days when they didn't want to study, when I expected a little more of them, when they tried to act over smart, when I lost my temper and so on and so forth.

Now, when I am nearing the end of these classes, it seems like I am leaving a part of my life. The amount of respect and love which they have showered over me is immense and I am surely going to miss it. In the last week I wrapped up my classes with a couple of batches, with a twinge of sadness I said "Goodbye guys, do well in life.. I will miss you all". It was indeed true, I have already started missing them. I have a couple of more classes to go and then that will be all..


Rishabh said...

hi! how are you?
dont worry i am always with you as your friend round the corner to help you.
i won't miss you coz we miss those people whome we forget but i dont.
so see you soon......

rishabh jain
preet vihar


my exam was awesome
english was just a bit difficult but howsoever i managed to crack it.
i all everything was fine.
reasoning was completely rocking i am dam sure around 95% of reasoning will be right. :)


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