Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last class

Yes, the day arrived when I took my last classes at Edumentor. It was a strange feeling, I felt sad for sure but don't know why. There has been no doubt that it was a great learning experience but I never knew that leaving my students would bring such a heartache along. I have been pondering about the reasons of my being sad. Besides the obvious reason that I will miss my students, I think there is another one playing along. It may come across as a confession but I think its high time now that I come out with it.

From the first day when I started teaching, one predicament which I faced was that there were students of varying capability and intellect levels. Some were fast learners and others were slow, I decided to make it a point to take everyone along while teaching so that all of them gain from the class. As much as I wanted to take the class along, there might have been instances where some of my students couldn't catch up. So this post is dedicated to all those who felt that they were left behind. I had my limitations, in terms of time, in terms of demands from others but believe me all of you were equal for me and from the bottom of my heart I wish you all success and luck.

Also, I would like to share an opinion which might sound elitist or something but anyway I would still like to share. In almost all my batches, the students who faced most difficulty were from government schools. With all due respect to the efforts taken by Education Secretary, I would like to ask that sure these students passed their board exams but are they ready to challenge the ever increasing competition? I think not, I think there is still a long way to cover before we can see equality between the education imparted by private schools and the govt schools. With this I end my today's post. I have a train to catch for Ahmedabad tomo so hoping for a new day a new journey. God Bless!!!

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we need your blessings to succeed in exams which i know is always with us. thanks for praying for us.
And i think it hardly matters if edumentor classes are over we will still be friends and we will be in contact always, as such we have many means of contact.