Sunday, June 7, 2009

Staff College, Bank of Baroda, Ahmedabad

It was yesterday about 11:30 am when we (4 of us, all joining BoB) reached Staff College, Bank of Baroda, Ahmedabad. Apprehensions, anticipations and expectations with so many things on our mind, we entered the college. It was a simple reception where we kept our bags and waited for someone to escort us to our rooms. Soon, a person came and helped us take our bags and stuff to our rooms, my first impression for the room was - NICE. The rooms we were given were not overtly flashy or luxurious but are so comfortable and cozy that we fell in love with them.

I was tired from the last night spent in train so crashed soon. When I got up from my long nap, there were lots of new faces in the college - people who would be my new friends, collegues and much more. We are about 40-45 students from all across top B - Schools namely IIMA, IIMC, MDI, XLRI, IIML, IIMK, SPJain, IIFT, NMIMS, IMT. I met most of them during lunch and dinner in mess. We exchanged the usual pleasantries and then gave our intros and then sat down to have sumptuous food being served with such warmth and affection that it felt like home.

Today was the day kept aside for paper work and so the better part of the day was spent doing that only but in the evening we left for Karkaria Lake. It was a beautiful and clean lake, although the place was really crowded but I felt great being there. I loved the the cool breeze that embraced me, the little kids who were playing in the toy trains, the families who were enjoying their weekend outing. I think I have already started falling in love with the city - Ahmedabad - the city of Mr. Modi.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last class

Yes, the day arrived when I took my last classes at Edumentor. It was a strange feeling, I felt sad for sure but don't know why. There has been no doubt that it was a great learning experience but I never knew that leaving my students would bring such a heartache along. I have been pondering about the reasons of my being sad. Besides the obvious reason that I will miss my students, I think there is another one playing along. It may come across as a confession but I think its high time now that I come out with it.

From the first day when I started teaching, one predicament which I faced was that there were students of varying capability and intellect levels. Some were fast learners and others were slow, I decided to make it a point to take everyone along while teaching so that all of them gain from the class. As much as I wanted to take the class along, there might have been instances where some of my students couldn't catch up. So this post is dedicated to all those who felt that they were left behind. I had my limitations, in terms of time, in terms of demands from others but believe me all of you were equal for me and from the bottom of my heart I wish you all success and luck.

Also, I would like to share an opinion which might sound elitist or something but anyway I would still like to share. In almost all my batches, the students who faced most difficulty were from government schools. With all due respect to the efforts taken by Education Secretary, I would like to ask that sure these students passed their board exams but are they ready to challenge the ever increasing competition? I think not, I think there is still a long way to cover before we can see equality between the education imparted by private schools and the govt schools. With this I end my today's post. I have a train to catch for Ahmedabad tomo so hoping for a new day a new journey. God Bless!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today I am enjoying a full fledged holiday, thanks to my students' exam on 2nd all of us (their teachers) have got an extended weekend. I got up leisurely at around 10 am, then had a good breakfast and after that have just been whiling away time. One thing which has occupied my mind since morning is my students and so I thought of writing about them.

First, I have to agree to the fact that I started teaching only to utilize my time during the 2-2.5 months of holiday which I got post MDI and pre joining BoB. It was also a way to get some decent pocket money and well that's about it. It never dawned on me that I could actually like teaching, but somehow it soon became a part of everyday life. I used to always ponder that why my professors, the real good ones left high paying cushioned jobs to teach us. I think I have got the answer now.

When I went to teach the first day, it was an unfamiliar setting. A group of 40 students all 18 year old were waiting for me to give some kind of intro and then may be start teaching. I told them candidly about myself, what I do, why I am teaching them and then I smiled. They smiled back and then there was no looking back. I started taking classes everyday, met around 500 students who are all young, raring to go, carefree and sweet all at the same time. I enjoyed teaching them and by the feedback I received I got to know that they liked being taught by me. Yes, not everything was hunky dory all the time, there were days when they didn't want to study, when I expected a little more of them, when they tried to act over smart, when I lost my temper and so on and so forth.

Now, when I am nearing the end of these classes, it seems like I am leaving a part of my life. The amount of respect and love which they have showered over me is immense and I am surely going to miss it. In the last week I wrapped up my classes with a couple of batches, with a twinge of sadness I said "Goodbye guys, do well in life.. I will miss you all". It was indeed true, I have already started missing them. I have a couple of more classes to go and then that will be all..