Thursday, May 28, 2009

When I die

When I die
Who will cry?

The friends I forgot
or the foes I got
The parents I lost
or the kids I sent abroad
The wife I fought
or the money I sought

When I die
Who will cry?


vaibhav said...

kya baat kar di neha yaar,

When u die, I WILL CRY
not only will i cry but, i will die

sunitha said...

nice imagination ..madam...

Hriday said...

" for the passion,
for the glory
for the memories
for the money
whats the difference,
its all the same
far away from the land of our birth, we plant a flag on some foreign earth, we sail away like our fathers before, these colors dont run , these colors dont run from cold bloody war!!"-these colors dont run-iron maiden