Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Funk 2009

Today was the culmination of the Summer Funk classes of the Shaimak Davar Institute. There were hundreds of students, ranging from the age of 2 to 50. The Siri Fort Auditorium was packed with performers, parents, relatives and our instructors. We wore costumes which no one in their right mind would ever wear. We looked funny in purple and green colored satin short skirts on which we stuck ticklies (a shiny silvery coin kind of thing) but I would like to believe the audience including my parents who said we looked good if not fabulous.

In those glittering lights where all of us were either anxious or excited to perform, there was also present a group of very special children. Yes, the children who were challenged, autistic or dyslexic. They were also there to perform, dressed up in their white shiny costumes all decorated with ticklies (this is a standard thing). I don't know how they felt performing in the front of such a large audience but it was their sheer presence on the stage which made me get goosebumps. They put up a fantastic show, it was a performance where they showed their colors, their moves and their innocent smiles. It was nothing but the best.

These kids get trained in the Shaimak's Victory Art Foundation for special children. It is his way to reach out to them and I feel with this thought of his, he reached out to all of us. I just prey and hope that someday somewhere I can do my small bit for these children - the God's Children.

God Bless!!!

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Pratyush said...

Good to see that you have a regular blog.
And, even better that you are somewhat of a regular/prolific writer.
Who shall inspire me enough?
When? :)

You are dancing with the stars!