Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marriage of Maddy :)

24th May 2009, today is that auspicious day when my beautiful roomie (Maddy) is getting married to her long time boyfriend. Maddy was my next door neighbour in the first year of MBA and then was my roomie in the final year. We met each other on the very first day at MDI. I was with my parents who were trying to make the hostel room perfect and cozy for their darling daughter ;) and in Maddy's room was a guy who was helping to clean up and make the room comfortable for his eerrrrrr girlfriend/sister/friend.. I didn't know then and to make matters worse my mother said "I think the girl's brother has come to drop her". But it was soon when Maddy made it clear to one and all that she was committed and completely in love with the guy who came to drop her.

Days passed and I got to know Maddy more than just the pretty looking neighbour. She came across as one of the most creative and smart people around. Her insatiable desire for trivia and movies and music and coffee and endless other things always amazed me. I got to know her more closely as a person when we started sharing the room. It was her sheer presence which would light up our room. I have met really few people like her -who are at peace with themselves, who can smile when they get up from the bed and who are so genuinely nice.

Being roomates and friends we had many discussions about our boyfriends and love life. One thing which was always a pleasant surprise for me was the understanding which they shared. They had joined bank accounts, bought a car and emptied all their savings and all this when they were not married. I asked her once isn't this too much of a risk and how can she be so sure of a person and she said something so profound. It went like "Neha, till the time we don't make an effort to be sure of the person, we will never be". These words will forever be etched in my memory and I hope that I am able to apply them in my life someday.

Finally, our two years at MDI were coming to an end, he came again to take Maddy back and to pack the bags of his girlfriend and now would be wife. Today they are getting married. I just wish them all the love and happiness in the world. How I wish I could be there to hug you Roomie..

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